(COLORADO) — On Monday, Jan. 30 the Polis-Primavera administration announced that the Property Tax, Rent, Heat (PTC) Rebate is now available to those living in Colorado. The rebate is based on income and includes people with disabilities and older adults.

The rebate can be up to $1,044 a year for applicants. Eligible Coloradans include seniors, those with disabilities and individuals with a total income of less than $16,925, or a married couple with a total combined income of less than $22,858.

The administration said for the tax year 2022 only, there is a refundable income tax credit that may be available for seniors who are unable to take advantage of the senior property tax exemption. The credit is based on income and is up to $1,000 for joint filers.

The rebate application form and instructions will be available in Spanish and the Administration said the website meets web accessibility guidelines for people with disabilities to get information and apply.