(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Witnesses to the Club Q shooting overnight in Colorado Springs on Saturday, Nov. 19 are coming forward and sharing their stories.

Joshua Thurman, who was inside Club Q during the shooting, spoke to FOX21 News and said at first, people inside thought the shots were just part of the club’s music.

“I was on the dance floor when I heard four to five shots ring out,” stated Thurman. “I thought it was with the music, so I kept on dancing.” That’s when Thurman said he heard another series of shots and knew something was wrong.

“And I ran to the dressing room to hide; there were two other people in there and I closed and locked all the doors,” said Thurman.

Thurman said they turned the lights off and got on the ground. “But, we heard everything. There was a third round of shots, and thank God there were two people that work at Club Q that managed to detain the assailant.”

Thurman said after a while, they looked outside the door and police escorted them out. “There were bodies on the ground… blood, broken glass, broken cups, and outside it was worse.”

Thurman said it’s important for the community to remember that “we are strong, we will get through this.”

Thurman had this to say when FOX21 asked about their message to the community, victims, and survivors.

“We love you… my condolences go out to the families that have lost loved ones,” stated Thurman. “It’s hard, be strong, keep pushing forward, because again, we are strong, we are a tough community, and we will get through this.”

According to CSPD, five people were killed in the shooting at Club Q and 25 others were injured. The 22-year-old suspect was taken into custody, and he is currently being treated for injuries at the hospital.