Closure of Garden of the Gods Road impacting business

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COLORADO SPRINGS — For the next few days, Garden of the Gods Road, one of Colorado Springs’s busiest roads will remain closed as crews work on repairing a water main break, putting business in a tough situation. Garden of the Gods Road is one of the main roads people use to get to one of Colorado’s biggest attractions.

“Our crews are being taken away from their families because of this,” said Ted Skroback, Spokesperson with Colorado Springs Utilities.

The main that’s damaged is 24 inches wide and more than 50 years old. An investigation is underway to determine the cease of the break, but springs utilities say a connection failure is the root of the problem.

“While we are working on this line we had to shut off water on this particular area,” Skrockback said.

Empty tables and empty parking lots surround the water main break site as businesses operate using alternate water sources.

“Now that we don’t have that guest flow coming in we can’t see our regulars and send our employees home earlier,” General Manager of Applebees Linda Howe said.

It’s a similar situation we saw earlier this year after a water main break off of Academy and Maizeland impacted nearby businesses and homes.

“They’re unique events that happened within each other and we shouldn’t worry about large infrastructure areas throughout the city,” said Skrockback.

Springs utilities say they are constantly checking one infrastructure and pipelines but issues like this can still happen.

“You can try to stay on top of it with data but stuff like this pops up out of nowhere,” said Skrockback.

But businesses are hoping the issue gets fixed sooner than later.

“We still have to pay heat water and employees and with sales not supporting that we are going to take a big hit,” said Howe.

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