City Council sends plastic bag fee straight to the trash

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs city council voting against a plastic bag fee.

Council said it would not be going to the ballot as members voted it down 6 – 3.

The fee would have put a 10 cents fee per plastic bag taking effect on July 2021.

The proposal outline said 40 percent of the money would be retained by the store and 60 percent would be sent to the city to be used for cleanups of all types of trash.

There was a lengthy public comment period for more than 2 hours.

Many in favor of it asking for the council to “let the people decide” and even if it doesn’t pass on the ballot it at least starts that conversation. In addition to the debate on whether it was a tax or fee, there was also a conversation about having another system to pick up litter.

“It’s a learning experience and even though we lost the battle today we did not lose the war, I think, we have support that looks different from different people’s perspectives, and different people jobs we are all fighting the same battle, we have to get everybody working towards a unified goal to make sure our environments and our communities, look better and are healthier for everybody,” said First Lt. Wendy Martin.

Those against it say, “this is not the right time,” and there are more important things on the ballot and concerns about COVID-19.

“I’m disappointed,” said councilwoman Yolanda Avila, the sponsor of the ordinance.

A yes vote would have put this ordinance on the November 2020 ballot.

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