Cheyenne Mountain School District considers the removal of the high school mascot

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The Cheyenne Mountain School District (CMSD) has yet to decide if it will keep the Indian mascot at its high school. The topic will be picked up again later this month by the Board of Education, until then people on both sides of the argument are voicing their opinions.

“It’s not just a matter of who is in favor and who is oppose, it’s a complex issue,” said CMSD Superintendent Walt Cooper. “It’s a leadership issue for the board to decide is this an appropriate thing to maintain or more appropriate to retire and move to another direction?”

At this time Cooper says the board is exploring different options and plans but a resolution has not been reached.

“They’re still in the process of discussing what a proposal looks like and subsequent they will have to decide individually if that’s a proposal they will support or reject,” Cooper explained.

Robert Rodine is a former CMHS student. He said the “Indian” represents more than a mascot and strongly opposes a change.

“I believe the Indian is a noble name it stood for very positive things while growing up,” said Rodine.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Jerome is in the process of enrolling her daughter Jeanvieve at the school district. Their family is indigenous and they say this topic is close to home.

“Things have changed, times have changed and we are not saying you are intentionally hurting us but it is hurting us and our kids,” Jerome said.

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