Centennial man caught on Ring camera kicking dog

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WARNING: This video contains graphic content

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo.– A man in Centennial arrested after being caught on surveillance video kicking his dog.

The Humane Society of The Pikes Peak Regions Animal Law Enforcement says 44-year-old Richard Johnston is seen kicking his dog Forty, and Forty appears to limp as he follows his owner.

The video was captured on Will Saggau’s Ring camera. Saggau believes Johnston lives in the same complex, and the dog may have gotten out.

“It looked like the dog was coming to my door looking for help,” Saggau said.

After seeing the video, he and his wife immediately alerted authorities.

Less than 10 hours after reporting it, Animal Law Enforcement says they found Johnston and charged him with animal cruelty and removed Forty from his custody.

A.L.E. says the video, along with the dogs’ apparent injuries, was all the evidence they needed. If Johnston tries to get Forty back, he will have to go in front of a judge first.

Neighbor Lindsay said Johnston has ten days to pay a $525 fine.

Until then, Forty will stay with the Humane Society, who credits Will and his wife for being so vigilant.

Saggau says, “anytime we can save a puppy or a dog, or anything, it warms my heart.”

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