Teen theft suspects in Colorado Springs stopped in their tracks

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs Police Officers, including one hard-working K-9, stopped a group of teenage car theft suspects on Tuesday morning.

Officers on scene told FOX21 News a call initially came in on Monday, when a car was stolen in the Stetson Hills area. Officers said initially they were searching for two suspects in that case.

They say they were able to track down the stolen car, but that it had been abandoned.

Colorado Springs Police track down a group of suspected car thieves on February 2, 2020/Mike Duran, FOX21 News

Then another call came in: a truck had been stolen in another part of the city.

The owner of the truck told FOX21 that he was leaving for work and forgot his coffee, so he ran inside, but left his car running. He said when he came back out, in less than a minute, the suspects stole his car.

Officers found the truck, driving around Monday morning, with four people inside. They say they followed the vehicle, from a distance, and eventually found it crashed into a yard near the intersection of Kingsley Drive and San Miguel.

One suspect was arrested at the scene, the other three took off.

A police K-9 officer tracked them down and police were able to detain all four people. Police have confirmed there was no direct K-9 contact on the teens.

Police say the teens range in age from 14 years old to 17 years old.

The owner of the house told FOX21 that the kids who stole the car had a puppy with them. CSPD was unable to confirm this information.

The truck owner said the kids used a half tank of his truck’s gas in the joyride and left a cellphone in his truck.

Colorado Springs Police Officers detain four people after two vehicles were reported stolen.

Nearby Twain Elementary and Mitchell High School were both briefly placed on “lockout” status, while police were in the area.

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