CALHAN, Colo. — A local ranch started a business during the pandemic, amid a meat shortage at grocery stores. They wanted to help their community by supplying local delicious beef.

Garrett Balsick, a rancher in Calhan introduced his popular burgers called Balsick Burgers.

“I can’t imagine living life without the ranch,” Bailey Balsick said.

B/K Ranch promotes healthy locally raised and locally sourced grass-fed beef for more than 100 years.

“I’m a fifth-generation rancher here in Calhan,” Garrett said. “This is a lifestyle, you have to love it.”

Generations three, four, five, and six keep the ranch going. A new way to sell their product is their custom hamburger meat that has a special twist on the taste buds. Some even call it steak burgers.

“When you grind all of the roasts and the steaks, into the burger, it makes an awesome product,” Garrett explained.

The biggest challenge for the Balsick family is finding local processors to cut the meat.

“When we get it back from the meat locker, they come in these huge bags or these individual packages,” Bailey added. “If you are looking for a healthier diet, this is something you can definitely lead to without having to cut out meat.”

95% of their cattle are grass-fed which means much leaner meat for you at home. For now, they are selling their beef on Facebook.

“It’s always been on our hearts and we finally had the means to do it, we had some cattle that we couldn’t eat all by ourselves so just trying to get rid of it and sell it and let people know hey, you got something good here,” Bailey added.

The Balsick’s hope one day they can retail their product and restaurants will start serving up their beef to customers.

“We don’t have any employees, we run it all ourselves, it’s a family business, family-owned, family-operated, and we hope to be here for a few more generations,” Garrett said.

If this has tempted you to try Balsick Burgers, you can call (719) 472-4812 or reach out to them on the Balsick Burger Facebook Page.