Brothers in blue: Deputy injured in 2018 shooting gives back to deputies injured in crash

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COLORADO SPRINGS — An El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy is encouraging people who live in this community to send cards and, if they’re able, to donate to two deputies, both seriously injured in a recent crash.

Deputies Adam Brown and Peter Brienza are recovering after the crash on February 29.

The mission hits close to home for Deputy Scott Stone.

Stone was shot in an officer-involved shooting in 2018, resulting in the death of his friend, Detective Micah Flick.

Now, Stone has partnered up with the Springs Lighthouse Church, where he volunteers as an Assistant Pastor, to send encouragement to Deputy Brown and Deputy Brienza.

“We have two injured deputies who are going through a very tough time- not only through this whole process, but trying to figure out finances, their lives in general. I’ve been there. I’ve been through a catastrophic event where your whole life is turned upside down. So I wanted to something more than be like ‘Oh, that kinda stinks,’ I wanted to do something to help them out.”

Deputy Scott Stone

Springs Lighthouse Church is accepting the following:

  • Letters of encouragement
  • Gift cards
  • Monetary assistance
  • If you are able to provide another type of assistance to these two deputies please speak with Assistant Pastor Scott Stone.

Items can be sent to:
4777 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, Co 80918

Or in person:
Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

They will continue to collect items until June 4.

Springs Lighthouse Pastor Brian Michaels, who also serves as an EPSO reserve deputy, says he knows life can change in a second, and he’s happy to help:

If the community has that mindset of how these guys and gals are going out every single day and putting their life on the line second by second to serve, I think that’s important for them to be able to show their appreciation. We have a fantastic community. They really do show their appreciation… for law enforcement in general,” he explained. “[They] are looking for opportunities to say ‘thank you’ and sometimes we just don’t give them that outlet – so we hope that this will be an outlet for that.”

Pastor Brian Michaels (Springs Lighthouse)/ Reserve Deputy with EPSO

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