Bring back Blue: Boy’s teddy bear stolen from mom’s car

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs mother had her hospital emergency bag stolen from her car, and one special belonging was in the bag – a young boy’s teddy bear named Blue.

A Colorado Springs 12-year-old named Zander, has been through a lot. He is immunocompromised due to hypogammaglobulinemia and Zander has been on lockdown since March because of COVID.

“I got him eight years ago and he comes with me to my plasma transfusion,” said Zander.

Zander gets plasma transfusions every 28 days to replace antibodies his body can’t produce.

To Zander, Blue is more than just a bear. Blue has gone along to every single appointment for eight years, including 22 surgeries and over 100 transfusions.

The bag also had extra feeding tubes, a rescue inhaler, and other medical supplies.

“The stuff in the bag is all replaceable. I already created a whole another diaper bag, I don’t even care about the bag, I don’t care about the stuff in the bag, just the bear! Because that’s not something I can go to the shelf and replace,” said Zander’s mom Amanda Smith. “He has other stuffies. He’s not going without, that bear just has those other irreplaceable memories for him.”

Zander’s family posted on Facebook, filed a police report for Blue and is offering a $200 reward – no questions asked.

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