(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In his inaugural State of the City address, Mayor Yemi Mobolade marked his first 100 days in office, articulating an ambitious agenda for the future of Colorado Springs. The address, delivered to a packed audience, highlighted significant achievements and outlined key priorities for the city.

Before his address, Mobolade presented former Mayor John Suthers with the Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring his dedication and service to the state for the past 35 years.

Mobolade began his address by recalling his swearing-in ceremony remarks: “Let’s get to work,” emphasizing that “greater things are yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city.” He noted the significance of his 100-day mark and the 42 action items he set as a nod to being the 42nd mayor of Colorado Springs.

The mayor’s address centered around three major priorities: building support within government, building trust with the community, and addressing pressing issues. Under these themes, he discussed various initiatives and accomplishments:

Building Support Within Government:

  • Mobolade stressed the importance of Colorado Springs having a strong voice at local, state, and federal levels. He highlighted his efforts to establish and strengthen relationships with government officials, including meetings with congressional leaders and state legislators.
  • He acknowledged the pivotal role of “Team Colorado” in securing the U.S. Space Command’s permanent home in Colorado Springs, which has already had a significant economic impact on the city.

Building Trust With the Community:

  • The mayor expressed gratitude to community leaders who participated in Solutions Teams focused on housing, public safety, infrastructure, and economic vitality. These diverse groups provided valuable insights and solutions for addressing critical issues.
  • Mobolade highlighted the success of his Community Listening Tour, engaging over 1,000 residents from all districts to share feedback and ideas, informing the city’s new strategic plan.
  • He emphasized his commitment to transparent and proactive communication with residents, including regular reports and meetings with media partners.

Addressing Urgent Issues:

  • Mayor Mobolade recognized the importance of public safety and the need for additional funding for police training and community health programs. He encouraged voters to support ballot item 2A in November’s election: ” If approved by voters, it will allow for $4.75 million in city excess revenue to be invested in our public safety, which benefits the entire city compared to a one-time credit of $21 for residents with a utility account,” Mobolade.  
  • Infrastructure improvements, such as road maintenance and stormwater management, were acknowledged, with praise for the 2C initiative’s success. But also recognizing the work that needs to be done, encouraging residents to help by using the GoCOS app to report potholes.
  • The mayor also emphasized the significance of access to the outdoors, pledging to steward natural resources and improve the city’s parks and trails.

Furthermore, Mobolade addressed housing challenges and mental health, highlighting initiatives aimed at addressing homelessness, increasing affordable housing, and promoting mental health awareness.

In closing, Mayor Mobolade called on the community to work together in building, “a world-class American city on a hill.” He expressed gratitude to his family and the entire community, concluding with a call for blessings upon Colorado Springs and the United States.