COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers and anti-tax advocate Douglas Bruce sound off on city ballot issue 1.

The election will be held on April 6, 2021.

Issue 1:
Shall Section 7-90 (c) of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended to allow ballot
titles for tax or bonded debt increases to exceed thirty (30) words?

Mayor John Suthers:

Douglas Bruce statement:

“The reason for the 30-word limit on ballot titles is to keep the issue clear and simple. For example, ‘SHALL CITY TAXES BE INCREASED $20 MILLION ANNUALLY TO BUY MORE PARK LAND?’ That avoids a laundry list of city projects meant to bribe taxpayers with their own money in order to to build a coalition of special interest groups for their own pet projects.”

Video statement opportunities were offered to both Mr. Suthers and Mr. Bruce.

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