Citations issued after BLM protesters block I-25 in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the northbound lanes of I-25 just north of the Bijou Street exit in Colorado Springs for just over an hour Tuesday evening.

FOX21 crews were heading out to cover results from the primary elections, but stopped when they caught sight of protesters as the group began to gather on Bijou Street around 8 p.m.

From there, protesters moved – some by foot, others drove their vehicles – onto the interstate, blocking cars from passing, though some drivers tried to manuever around the group.

“What do we want,” one protester called. “Justice,” the group responded. “When do we want it?” She asked. “Now,” they said. “If we don’t get it, shut it down.”

Looking south. Traffic being diverted at Bijou exit. // FOX21 Brandon Thompson

At about 9:15 p.m. our crews on scene reported the group began to disperse.

Local law enforcement officers did respond to the scene, but seemed to only block traffic from the interstate. Our crews did not see them communicate directly with the group of protesters.

Around 9:20 traffic began up again. Protesters have left the scene.

On Thursday, the Colorado Springs Police Department said that two Colorado Springs residents who were driving cars and blocked I-25 during the protest activities were issued traffic citations on June 30, at approximately 10:00 pm after they pulled off of I-25. Both of the drivers may face additional charges as the investigation continues.

  • 25-year-old Jordan Reece was cited for 42-4-1103 Impeding Normal Flow of Traffic
  • 27-year-old Shequan Smith was cited for 42-4-709 Stop When Traffic Obstructed

CSPD is currently working to identify other involved pedestrians and drivers who were involved in stopping traffic on the I-25 and other locations in the downtown area.

Officers anticipate making additional arrests.

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