(PIKES PEAK REGION, Colo.) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) recently posted about a deaf and blind puppy named Piglet who quickly got an overwhelming number of interested adopters.

On Wednesday, Sept. 13 the Humane Society said Piglet arrived at HSPPR when he was just six weeks old. HSPPR said Piglet is a special puppy who is hearing impaired and has “micro eyes,” making him nearly blind.

  • Piglet a deaf and blind dog sitting in a forest
  • Piglet a deaf and blind dog
  • Piglet a deaf and blind dog laying on a kitchen floor

While applications to adopt Piglet have been closed, HSPPR said taking care of a dog like Piglet takes some special considerations. HSPPR said it looks for families that are willing and able to give their pets everything they need to be successful in their new home. It also helps if the potential adopter has experience with blind and/or deaf dogs in the past and knows how to use positive reinforcement to help socialize their new pet.

HSPPR said dogs like Piglet have a heightened sense of smell and touch and they rely on those senses to learn more about their environment. Pets like Piglet use their nose to know when you walk in the door and when it’s time for dinner. Piglet will also use touch to find steps, his bed, and where he can use the restroom.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to train any pet said HSPPR, but especially important for pets with special needs. Being blind and deaf, Piglet relies on touch along with tasty treats to encourage good behavior.

The family that eventually adopts Piglet will have training classes at House of Dog Training, which HSPPR said does great work training pets with special needs.