COLORADO SPRINGS — Hundreds of thousands of shoppers will rush to the stores after Thanksgiving to catch the best deals.

FOX21 spoke with shoppers at Best Buy to get their feelings on the early Black Friday. Watch the video above to see the chaos.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind shoppers there are things they can do to make sure they don’t get taken advantage of during the holiday shopping rush.


  • Keep your mind on your surroundings and be suspicious of everyone and everything (don’t be paranoid but be AWARE).
  • Trust your instinct and portray confidence (walk with a purpose).
  • Keep purses and backpacks zipped or snapped and don’t leave them unoccupied while shopping. Carry them on the inside shoulder.
  • Don’t carry a large amount of cash.
  • Walk-in populated and well-lit areas.


  • Lock your car doors and roll up windows
  • Keep valuables locked in the trunk and remove before your destination if possible.
  • Look around your car while approaching and then inside your car before getting in.
  • Don’t hide extra car keys on your car.

When reporting a theft call the non-emergency number at 719-390-5555. Police also ask to report any suspicious activity or crime while out shopping. Call 9-1-1 if the crime is in progress and give as much detail as possible to the dispatcher.

If you would like to be apart of a Neighborhood or Business Watch group in unincorporated El Paso County reach out to Brent Ambuehl at (719)-520-7151.