Behind the Badge: Teller County Sheriff’s Deputy helps community connect in more ways than one

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TELLER COUNTY, Colo. — Deputy Renee Bunting’s journey with the Teller County Sheriff’s Office started in 2007.

“I was pretty much at the Sheriff’s office every single day anyways and the sheriff said you should get a job here,” Bunting said.

The Sheriff’s Office opened its doors to Bunting and her family, after moving from Washington D.C.

“The sheriff’s office didn’t have a volunteer group at the time and my husand and I were excited to start one,” Bunting said.

Together they created the ‘Sheriff’s Posse’, a group of volunteers, that help out their community when they need it most.

From vacation house checks, traffic control, dispatch, you name it, they got it covered.

“We live here, this is our community too and I think that’s very important we have that relationship with the community,” Bunting said.

Bunting is always encouraging others to give back, Sheriff Jason Mikesell says that’s just part of her mission.

“One of the most bubbly personalities I’ve every met, she’s a person that if you want her to move a mountain, it’ll be done tomorrow,” Mikesell said.

When duty calls, she’s ready to be the driving force in bringing her community and fellow men and women in blue together.

“I never want to go to bed and be done with my day if I haven’t answered somebody’s phone call, email or their question,” Bunting said.

Especially now, during the ongoing pandemic, her efforts continue. She’s setting up volunteers to help make masks, continuously updating social media and helping her community stay informed.

“The Teller COVID website, which we are pushing 35,000 views in a county that may have 28,000 people in it, it’s becoming the voice for a lot of things and response,” Mikesell said. “A lot of that is Renee pushing that stuff out there.”

Always keeping the badge close to her heart.

“When you put that uniform and badge on you have to feel that too,” Bunting said. “It’s in here, it’s important you carry that with you when you go, hold your head up high and be proud to be in that uniform.”

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