(COLORADO) — Baseball season is officially here and it’s heating up, and no, it’s not just the competition. 

All Major League Baseball stadiums have seen an increase in temperatures over the past five decades.

Looking at Coors Field ahead of opening day on Thursday, since 1970, temperatures in downtown Denver have been trending up. So much in fact, that there has been a rise of 2.4 degrees in the 53-year baseball season history. 

But it’s not just Denver that’s bringing the heat. 

Temperatures across all 27 Major League Baseball cities have been on the rise during the baseball season from March to October. 

Ballpark weather continues to warm by over 2-degrees, thanks to a global change in the climate. 

As temperatures increase, so do the frequency of extreme heat and heavy rain events, causing postponed games or canceled games thanks to the weather. 

Check the FOX21 Storm Team’s forecast here.

You’ll still need a jacket for the start of the Rockies opening day on Thursday, April 6 at 2:10 p.m. Past opening day, temperatures warm up in a big way heading into the weekend.