Back the Blue: Family throws BBQ for Pueblo Police

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PUEBLO, Colo. — One Pueblo family is backing the blue – by dishing out some delicious food!

The Torres-Herrera family welcomed Pueblo Police to their front lawn for a BBQ on Monday, serving a hundred meals to show their appreciation.

“Now because of everything that’s going on, people are looking down on them and that’s not fair. That’s not ok! They deserve more respect than what they’re getting and if this is how we pay them – this is what we do!” said Nick Herrera, BBQ co-host.

They served up homemade pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, and, of course – desert!

The family says it’s just a small gesture for all of the sacrifices which law enforcement officers have to make.

“We just want to show them that there are people that understand the sacrifices they make every day – not knowing what they are going to run into every day and not knowing if they are going to see their loved ones at the end of the day,” said Rosanna Torres-Herrara, BBQ co-host.

The hearty meal received rave reviews from the guests.

“It was like something you would get at a nice restaurant, it was wonderful,” said Corporal Ray Alvarez, Pueblo Police Department.

“With everything going on in the country, it’s just nice to see someone that appreciates police officers,” said Alvarez.

The family hopes this story inspires others to pay it forward to law enforcement.

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