COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Ten people were killed and countless other lives were affected by a mass shooting at a King Soopers in Boulder on Monday.

The suspect was arrested and is facing charges. News crews, including our own, will report on the case as it moves through the court system.

But you will no longer see images of the accused shooter’s face broadcast on FOX21 News, nor will you see them on

We are remaining diligent in our policy to not show alleged shooters.

FOX21 implemented this policy following the deadly STEM School shooting in Highlands Ranch in 2019. One person was killed in that shooting and another eight were hurt.

In that instance and in this one, we mentioned the accused’s name in broadcasts when he was named in the investigation and charged, but afterward, referred to him only as “the accused shooter.”

Moving forward, our focus will rest on the victims of this horrible crime.

We understand not everyone may agree with this decision, but it is one we feel strongly about.

The alleged shooter does not deserve over-the-top media attention.

With that said, we will certainly keep our viewers and readers up to speed during the trial process, but we will do so without mentioning the accused’s name or showing his picture.

Joe Cole, News Director
FOX21 News