COLORADO SPRINGS — A family who’s 87-year-old mother lived at the Union Printer’s Home discussed with FOX21 News all the red flags that they noticed up until the shut down by the state.

“It’s not a shock, that place is atrocious,” David Banovich, the son of a resident who lived at the home said.

The Union Printer’s Home, located off Union Blvd across from Memorial Park, as of February 11, the Assisted Living Residence and the Nursing Care Facility licenses were suspended. This just a week after an 89-year-old woman died outside of the facility.

“We already had the ball rolling there to get her out,” Banovich said. “So, we’re hoping to get her moved out in the next day or two.”

He said on several occasions that he went to visit his mom and the conditions were disgusting. He said she would be in the same pajamas for several days in a row and her hair wouldn’t be washed.

“It was in September they closed the kitchen because of mice and maggots. The mice were coming upstairs and I literally saw them crawl over the patient across the hall,” Banovich explained.

Baanovich stated his mom’s room was an old maintenance closet converted into a room because it had a window. He said they asked the facility multiple times to move her when another room became available but they never followed through.

“They should have never opened it up in the first place as a nursing home. It’s like isolation. It’s like a prison,” Banovich said.

FOX21 News reached out to the Colorado Springs Police Department who said Margarita’s death is still under investigation and they are still interviewing people who may have seen or heard anything leading up to her death. If you have any information you’re encouraged to contact police.

FOX21 News also reached out several times to the owners of Union Printers Home and did not hear back.