(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Dreams came true for Loving Living Local Host Nova when he was invited to Colorado Springs Airport (COS) to work for Southwest for a day.

Southwest has more than 66,000 employees who work at the airline and more than 5,500 are based in Colorado, with 100 at the COS airport.

Nova checked passengers in for flights, loaded bags on a flight headed to Las Vegas, and even gave the passengers some light entertainment before take off!

Southwest Airlines started its service on March 11, 2021, at COS, with the Las Vegas flight Nova helped with, being one of 18 new markets the airline added during the pandemic. It was the only U.S. airline to grow and add destinations during the depths of COVID.

Current flight offerings at COS include; 14 departures a day to five destinations: Dallas (Love Field), Chicago (Midway), Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. This summer, it will offer up to 17 departures a day, which includes the new service between COS and Long Beach, California.

Southwest serves 121 destinations across the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America with Denver being the largest, in terms of daily operations and staffing. Southwest also carries the most number of domestic airline travelers compared to any other airline in the U.S. and roughly one in four travelers domestically fly on SWA.

Southwest’s flight schedule is now open through Jan. 7, 2024, and flights can be booked at Southwest.com. Southwest is always hiring staff, and you can check out all the career options at careers.southwestair.com.