A Colorado Springs family says luggage thieves stole their Christmas presents

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A family returned home from their family Christmas trip without all of their luggage, later finding out two women were caught on camera taking one of their bags at the Colorado Springs Airport.

“It’s the ultimate grinch move, it’s so frustrating because on the video they are so nonchalant about it,” Brubaker said.

Brubaker said his son’s Christmas gifts were stolen because an entire suitcase had been taken. He posted the below post on Facebook to help catch the luggage thieves.

On Sunday, December 29th the Brubaker family said they headed home from Iowa when their connecting flight from Denver to Colorado Springs got delayed four hours. Instead of waiting, the Brubaker’s rented a car to make the 90-minute drive to the Colorado Springs Airport to grab their four bags.

The luggage for the United flight had been sent on an earlier flight, according to Brubaker so it would already be in the airport when passengers would arrive whether they drove, shuttled or waited for intended delayed flight.

When Todd Brubaker arrived at Colorado Springs Airport at 10:05 he said he could only find three of his four bags. Brubaker said another guy couldn’t find his bag either and so they both started talking to the United customer service rep. The representative had told them that the bags had been scanned and put out on the luggage carousel.

They reviewed the surveillance video near the baggage claim and discovered two women had taken their luggage.

“We sat down (with an officer) and watched the footage of the baggage claim and saw two women at 9:22 pm and walk up and grab a bag then the other lady grabs our bag and doesn’t look in it and just walks out and it took a total of two minutes!” Brubaker said.

A third gentleman had also reported a missing bag as well and a man was seen on surveillance video taking his bag, according to Brubaker.

Brubaker and the other men filed police reports with Colorado Springs Police Department.

“I just want to get the people caught, and I don’t want this happen to anyone else or have someone else’s Christmas be ruined,” said Brubaker.

They hope by sharing the photos from the surveillance video that the crime spree will be taken down.

“What really pisses you off besides them taking it, they are just walking out like nonchalantly, smiling and chatting,” Brubaker added. “The suitcase that they took was full of my 7-month-old’s first Christmas presents, wife’s jewelry, brand new electric razor and kids books. Probably $700 worth of stuff.”

He’s more upset that these two women stole his kids Christmas gifts than the value of the items. He missed the alleged thieves by 40 minutes. Brubaker said that was probably the time he spent filling up with gas and stopping at Wendy’s for dinner.

“The tough part is you can’t tell if someone is a traveler or someone stealing bags,” Brubaker explained. “Until you realize your bag is missing.”

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