(PUEBLO, Colo.) — A Colorado non-profit launching a six-figure ad campaign out of Pueblo against Representative Lauren Boebert to hold Boebert accountable for misrepresenting her constituents in the third district.

The non-profit organization Rocky Mountain Values is pledging $300,000 on TV, digital, direct mail, and radio advertising this summer, with the intention of calling out Boebert for failing her constituents.

The campaign went to air on Thursday, June 1, with a 30 second TV ad featuring Pueblo veteran, Jerry Solano. Solano says Boebert is actively voting against policies, such as lowering health care and prescription costs, which hurts him and other veterans.

“Boebert supports a plan to gut social security and Medicare. She shouldn’t cut the benefits we need and we’ve earned,” Solano said about himself and other veterans in the advertisement.

The ad campaign intends to highlight the negative impacts Boebert’s voting record has had on people like Solano.

“We’ve seen time and time again that Lauren Boebert chases the political spotlight… instead of listening to her constituents in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district,” said Justin Lamorte, the executive director of Rocky Mountain Values.

Boebert’s 3rd congressional district spans the western half of Colorado, and parts of southern Colorado including Pueblo, Las Animas, and Alamosa Counties.

“We are absolutely not being represented… And if she continues to vote against working families, against veterans, we’re going to continue to push back and ask for her to represent us. That’s what she was elected to do,” said Puebloan Sol Sandoval.

When asked where their funding is coming from, Lamorte reported that Rocky Mountain Values is a 501c non-profit, meaning they are not required to report its donors. Ahead of the 2020 election, this organization spent millions pushing against the ideals of Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. They made their comeback in April now focusing on Boebert.  

They point to Boebert’s debt ceiling vote fiasco, where she didn’t show up, as the latest example of her negligence.

“She opposed a bipartisan deal to protect those programs that hundreds of thousands of Coloradans depend on. And then when it came time to vote, she didn’t even show up. She didn’t even show up to do the job that Coloradans elected her to do,” said Lamorte.

Boebert was a staunch opponent of this bill. In a video posted on Twitter, Boebert said she missed the vote on purpose, “Call it a no-show protest. But I certainly let every one of my colleagues and the country know I was against this garbage of a bill and against bypassing the voice of each representative. Deals cut in the dark or why? We are headed towards $36 trillion in debt, and I refuse to be a part of it.”

A video, that has now gone viral, shows Boebert sprinting up the stairs of the capitol the night of the debt ceiling vote.

Rep. Boebert responded to FOX21’s request for a statement beginning with, “There is no doubt Democrats will give their all to steal this seat.” She said she has been an effective legislator and will win in 2024, “for the same reason I’ve won every race I’ve been in: my policies are right for our District, our state, and our country.”

Boebert already has contenders for her District 3 seat, including one Democrat she knows all too well. Adam Frisch officially called for a rematch, launching his 2024 campaign back in February. Frisch lost the seat to Boebert last year by just 546 votes in the closest congressional race in the country.

Read Rep. Boebert’s full statement below:

“There is no doubt Democrats will give their all to steal this seat. History will prove once again our District does not want a tax-hiking, Green New Deal, far-left, extreme, Aspen Democrat to represent them. I am proving to be an extremely effective legislator in the new Congress, having passed two bipartisan bills and ten of ten amendments through the House—nine of which had strong bipartisan support. I will win in 2024 for the same reason I’ve won every race I’ve been in: my policies are right for our District, our state, and our country.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert