(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is urging the public to be responsible while living in bear country as most Colorado bears remain active through early November, and reminded homeowners to lock their doors and windows, and not leave pet food out.

CPW’s Southeast Region (CPW SE Region) tweeted a video on Wednesday, May 24 that was from 2020 and showed a black bear rolling around on a couch inside a home in northwest Colorado Springs. According to Bill Vogrin, the Public Information Officer for the Southeast Regional Office, the bear was “lured into [the] Colorado Springs home” after the homeowners left a door open and had cat food out.

The video, taken by CPW, also showed the bear’s ear tags, which signaled it had been in trouble before, so it was euthanized after the 2020 incident, according to Vogrin. “This is “Exhibit A” for why [CPW] tells people in bear country to lock their doors and windows and not leave pet food out,” wrote CPW SE Region. “Keep bears alive and wild.”

CPW stressed on its website, that it wants bears to maintain their natural fear of people, and if you see a bear in your neighborhood, you will be doing it a favor by scaring it away and always bear-proof your home.

Bear-proof Your Home: CPW Tips

  • Don’t feed bears, and don’t put out food for other wildlife that attracts bears. 
  • Be responsible about trash and bird feeders.
  • Burn food off barbeque grills and clean after each use.
  • Keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked, including home, garage and vehicle doors.
  • Don’t leave food, trash, coolers, air fresheners or anything that smells in your vehicle.
  • Pick fruit before it ripens, and clean up fallen fruit.
  • Talk to your neighbors about doing their part to be bear responsible.

“When people allow bears to find food, a bear’s natural drive to eat can overcome its wariness of humans,” warned CPW on its website. “Please don’t let bears die needlessly. Do your part to bear-proof your home and property.”