CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — A two-vehicle crash in Castle Rock that occurred shortly before midnight on Friday night left two teenagers dead and several others needing treatment.

Officials with Colorado State Patrol said that the two vehicles involved in the head-on collision were a Toyota SUV and a Honda pickup. CSP said the crash happened near Interstate 25 Frontage Road and Territorial Road.

The Honda pickup had four 17-year-old students from Castle View High School in the pickup at the time of the crash and, according to CSP, the only one wearing a seat belt in the pickup was the driver.

CSP said that the driver of the Honda pickup attempted to get out of the way of the Toyota SUV.

The female teenager from Larkspur was identified as Audrey Todd and the male teenager from Castle Rock was identified as Colton Bellamy. Both teens were seniors at Castle View High according to the school’s principal.

Both teens died from injuries sustained in the collision.

The other two teens, the driver and female passenger, were transported to a nearby hospital with moderate injuries.

The driver and sole occupant of the Toyota SUV, 25-year-old Ricky Avalos-Trujillo, was transported to a hospital after sustaining moderate injuries. After receiving treatment, he was taken into custody.

The principal of Castle View High School sent a letter to the community about Friday’s collision.

Dear Castle View High Family:

I am deeply saddened to share that Colton Bellamy and Audrey Todd, twelfth-graders at our school, recently died. This is a tragic loss and our hearts go out to Colton and Audrey’s families and friends. The Castle View High School and Douglas County School District communities are saddened by these losses. Please keep Colton and Audrey’s families in your thoughts.

The DCSD Crisis Team will be available to connect with students or staff who may need extra support. The team will be at Castle View High School on Monday, Aug. 8 and Tuesday, Aug. 9 during normal school hours.

In light of these sad circumstances, we will be adjusting our schedules this week. Please look for a follow up communication from us with those details later this weekend.

During this period of sadness, you may notice a variety of reactions from your child. You may find your child unusually talkative or quiet. Your child may ask a lot of questions, be anxious, or may want to be near you more than usual. You may also notice no reaction from your child. Teens can experience a wide range of feelings and behaviors that are normal when dealing with this kind of tragedy. Any of these may be signs of the need for a little extra support. 

As parents, you are the very best support system in meeting your child’s needs. You can provide the best explanation that fits with your values and beliefs, knowing that other parents may share this information with their children, and informal discussions may take place between students. You may wish to have a family discussion to talk briefly about loss of life and to acknowledge any feelings that may surface. Knowing what to say to your child is often difficult. When no other words come to mind, a hug and acknowledging that this is a difficult time for everyone may provide comfort. If you need additional guidance in discussing this situation with your child, please see the attached suggestions from our DCSD Crisis Team. 

Feelings can be especially overwhelming at a time like this. There is no right way to express the sadness, grief and confusion that students will feel when they encounter a tragedy. For example, students may react by needing more sleep, or being more emotional. On the other hand, a student may not react outwardly at all. Students can be particularly vulnerable if this event reminds them about another loss or sadness in their own lives.

Expect that resolving the feelings related to this tragedy may take your child some time. It is normal for a child to bring up the tragedy after it has happened and often when least expected. Our school staff is always available to support students as needed. Please let me know if you need additional resources or support.

Jeena Templeton, Ed.D., principal at Castle View High School

Avalos-Trujillo was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, vehicular homicide and assault.