COLORADO SPRINGS — GoFundMe is reporting “an enormous outpouring of support” for several families who were impacted by the Marshall Fire.

According to the organization, hundreds of fundraisers have been created on GoFundMe to help those in need, with over 166,000 donors around the world raising more than $22 million for immediate needs and families starting over.

GoFundMe says the “Marshall Fire Family Relief Fund” was started by a South Boulder couple to help those who lost everything to the fire. That fund has raised more than $680,000. Furthermore, as of Jan. 12, they’ve distributed $421,000 to families in need.

“The stories we heard from families are heart-breaking and tear-jerking,” Luke Vernon and Brie Doyle, the organizers, wrote in a GoFundMe update. “Families walk in crying with tears of joy for the money we are giving them. It’s more money than they are getting from FEMA and other resources. The recipients really need this help. THANK YOU for jumping in and helping them get back on their feet.”

Meanwhile, GoFundMe says Julia Cantarovici-Simisky of 8z Real Estate started a GoFundMe to provide gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Macy’s to families so they could start to replace essentials. The fundraiser titled “Help Those Who Lost Their Homes with GIFT CARDS” has raised more than $25,000 on GoFundMe, plus an offline donation of $20,000. This has led to more than 80 families receiving $500 gift cards. 

GoFundMe also pointed out Tucker Collins and his family, which are making their way through the grief of losing their home after their GoFundMe garnered more than $100,000. While they know it might take years to fully rebuild, an update on the GoFundMe says the generosity of the community has landed the Collins family in a stable living situation in Boulder County.

“THANK YOU to those that have donated so far!! Your contributions have made such a difference to the family’s outlook, truly amazing outpouring of <3,” a GoFundMe update says. “Seeing each of your names coming through continues to reinforce something Tucker has said for years: “good people find good people.”

Another fundraiser to thank medical staff and first responders at Avista Hospital who worked through the fire and had no time to save their own belongings raised $5,000. This was used to deliver visa gift cards to the holiday staff.

“We sign all the gift cards to recipients with a note that says “Love, Your Neighbors,” Valerie Nosler Beck, the organizer, said. “We hope to bring a bit of light and relief to each person who receives some of your generous donations.”