(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A community art project for schools in El Paso County is challenging local third graders to embrace their creativity for a chance to have their artwork featured at The Broadmoor’s Seven Falls.

The art project comes as Seven Falls gears up to celebrate its 140th anniversary. Local third-grade classes have been challenged to design their concepts for a collection of four-foot-tall chipmunk art displays, which will be featured at Seven Falls.

“This initiative intends to engage the community of Colorado Springs in ongoing events to celebrate the history of Seven Falls,” shared Scott Flexman, The Broadmoor’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The Broadmoor looks forward to celebrating this special anniversary of this majestic Pikes Peak attraction with students and visitors from around the world this year and for the next 140 years.”

Participating El Paso County school districts have received a Seven Falls coloring book and a poster-size rendition of the chipmunk displays, that will later be submitted to a panel of judges, who will determine the top 10 finalists.

“Known for its beautiful waterfalls, stunning vistas, striking canyon rock formations, and wildlife, which includes chipmunks; black bears; mountain lions; squirrels; and mule deer,
students are encouraged to draw inspiration from the Colorado landmark and incorporate an element and/or the history of the Seven Falls waterfalls,” read the press release.

Once the finalists are announced, the schools will receive their four-foot chipmunks to paint their winning designs on. The top 10 chipmunk designs will then be displayed at Seven Falls for the 2023 season, where visitors will be asked to vote on their favorites.

The school with the winning display will receive a field trip to Seven Falls, along with other discounts during the year. The schools taking part will submit their designs by Feb. 3, 2023. The winning display will be announced in September.

Seven Falls is currently closed but will reopen in March of 2023. More information can be found in the link above.