UPDATE: MONDAY 9/18/2023 9:34 p.m.

(PUEBLO, Colo.) — On Monday, Sept. 18, the Pueblo Police Department posted the shooting incident on its police blotter.

The post reads:

“Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of East Ash Street on a report of a shooting. When officers arrived, they were met with a very chaotic scene, and found a 14-year-old juvenile had been shot. The juvenile was transported to a local hospital and was undergoing surgery. This incident is still under investigation at this time.”

MONDAY 9/18/2023 5:20 p.m.

A drive-by shooting left a 14-year-old boy who was hanging up Halloween decorations inside his home in Pueblo, with life-threatening injuries. The family is now wondering why the Pueblo Police Department (PPD) still hasn’t released any information to the public about this incident.

In a FOX21 News exclusive report, PPD confirmed a drive-by shooting occurred at 8:28 p.m. on Sept. 9. 14-year-old Issac Martinez was shot while hanging up Halloween decorations inside his home on East Ash Street, on the east side of Pueblo.

The moment a group of people drove by and opened fire on Martinez’s house can be seen and heard in a neighbor’s security video obtained by FOX21. First a series of gunshots can be heard followed by the screams from Martinez’s family in the distance.

The video shows police showing up a few minutes later, following the car that pulled away.

In an interview with FOX21 from his hospital bed, Martinez recalled the terrifying ordeal.

“I remember falling back, hitting my glass table in my living room, and falling to the floor,” he said. “My brother said that it looked like I was dying, that my eyes were rolling. I thought my life was just going to end on the floor.”

Miraculously, Martinez survived the shooting despite being struck in the pelvis. He attributes his survival to sheer luck, as the way he fell to the ground prevented further harm. Had he landed differently, he says he definitely would have been shot again and the outcome might have been tragically different.

Typically, in cases involving shootings or potential homicide investigations, the PPD releases preliminary details either on the day of the event or within a few days afterward. It has been nine days since the incident and there has been no such release.

The family is now shocked at PPD’s lack of public information regarding the incident.

“I’m just surprised because they normally put stuff up. Normally you’ll hear something about something. And this one was one that didn’t get posted at all,” said Martinez’s mom, Jackie Martinez.

The family’s concerns are compounded by the fact that surveillance footage from across the street has reportedly been obtained by the police, which could potentially aid in identifying the vehicle involved in the drive-by. However, no such information has been shared with the public, leaving the family to appeal to the community for assistance in identifying the car.

In a statement from PPD, a detective has been assigned to this ongoing investigation, and they do have some leads into the suspect. PPD did not comment on why information on this incident has not been made available to the public.

Currently, both Issac Martinez and his mother are at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, where Issac has been fighting for his life over the past week. According to the family he has undergone two major surgeries; one to repair his bladder, which was impacted by the bullet, and the other to remove the bullet and implant metal plates in his hip.

Both major surgeries were successful, and while Issac will need to use crutches for a few weeks, doctors expect a full recovery, according to the family.

Issac’s uncle has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the substantial medical expenses incurred by the family during this challenging time: Fundraiser by Manuel Martinez: Medical expenses for Issac (gofundme.com).

As the investigation into this shocking incident continues, questions persist about PPD and the urgency surrounding the case. Issac remains hopeful that justice will be served, and his perpetrators will be brought to justice.

“I just gotta go day by day,” said Martinez.