It is so UNBELIEVABLY bananas, the first episode!

I cry during it. I’m laughing hysterically. There’s surprises.

Mel Robbins, host of “The Mel Robbins Show”

The first episode of “The Mel Robbins” show is an entire show dedicated to how to bring her best-selling book “The 5 Second Rule” to life.

“You meet people in real life who are using it,” she explained in our one-on-one interview. “For example, a woman who hadn’t left her house in two years, who used ‘The 5 Second Rule’ to beat her agoraphobia, lose 140 pounds, and now she’s running marathons.”

Robbins’ book and TEDx talk propelled her to fame and for the last five+ years, she’s traveled around the world giving motivational speeches at different events and conferences. She became the most sought-after female speaker.

“The Mel Robbins Show” premieres September 16th.

WATCH: We talked to Mel Robbins one-on-one ahead of Sept. 16 show premiere

Why should you tune in?

“You should tune in because this is a show for you. Every other show on air is a show for celebrities or a show about the news, or a show about people’s opinions,” Robbins added. “We are thinking about you, and what you’re going through, and what issues you’re dealing with, and what you’re talking about at your kitchen table.”