COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — If you want to watch FOX21 but don’t have cable or satellite, you’re in luck! You can watch for free over the air with an antenna. It doesn’t require internet access, and it’s easy to set up. Here’s how.

First, you’ll need an antenna. Indoor TV antennas start at about $15 and are available at many local retailers and big-box stores, as well as online.

Once you’ve unboxed the antenna, you’ll need to attach the cable to your TV. Look for the “Antenna” or “Cable In” connector on the back of the television, and screw the cable onto it.

Next, turn on the TV and use the remote to access the menu. Find the “auto channel search” or “scan for channels” option, and select it.

Your television will take a few minutes to search for all the free channels available in your area.

When the scan is complete, tune to your favorite channel (psst…we’re at 21.1).

If you can’t access your favorite channel, or if the picture is pixelated, try moving the antenna slightly. Antennas need to be aimed to get the best signal, and reception can often be improved just by changing the location by a few inches. For example, moving the antenna away from other objects or placing it higher or lower can often improve reception.

Be sure to move the antenna slowly to allow time for the signal to be displayed.

If you couldn’t access your favorite channel at all, you’ll need to do the rescan step again after moving the antenna.

Once your antenna is all set up, sit back and enjoy dozens of free channels–including FOX21 and SOCO CW!