1. If you’re not a Twitter person (and major props to you if you’re not), you may not have seen this video of a “Door Dash delivery person” walking onto the court during Wednesday’s Loyola (Ill)-Duquesne game to make a drop off some McDonald’s. So let me present the clip now, and then we will get into some analysis of this amazing moment.

O.K., let’s start with the bad news. This appears to be some stunt, and the guy wasn’t really just doing his job delivering food to a customer.

Normally I’m anti-fake-stunt-to-go-viral because they’re always dumb and not creative. See Drew Brees “getting struck by lightning.” However, I’m going to make an exception here and say that I absolutely love this stunt because it’s creative, original and freakin’ hilarious.

If we didn’t see the photo of the guy wearing a mike, we’d all still think this entire thing was real, and that’s what makes a good stunt.

The guy’s confusion sold it well, too. The holding up of the McDonald’s Coke while asking who ordered it was especially a nice touch.

The only issue with this entire saga is that there are SO many questions that still don’t have answers:

Who set up the stunt? Is Door Dash behind this? Is McDonald’s behind this? Or is this the work of some YouTube prank channel?

How was he able to just wander onto the court?

Where did the McDonald’s come from?

Why do people get McDonald’s delivered? The food doesn’t travel well, especially the fries.

Was he kicked out of the arena afterward?

Could someone, in theory, get Door Dash delivered to their seat at a sporting event? SHOULD fans be able to get Door Dash delivered to their seats at a sporting events? What would you tip someone who made a delivery to a sporting event?

Bottom line: I want this guy on the SI Media Podcast.

A couple of other things about this tremendous story. Here is the radio call (my apologies, I don’t know which school’s crew this broadcast is from) of the incident. It’s absolute gold.

And for my fellow ‘80s aficionados, this was a perfect tweet in response to this whole incident.

And here's the full scene for those of you who'd like to watch one of the great moments in movie history.

2. A new SI Media Podcast dropped today, and it features a conversation with Good Morning Football host Jason McCourty.

McCourty discusses his first year on the NFL Network show, how he's adjusted to doing a show that starts at 7 a.m., what it was like to replace Nate Burleson, whether it's tough for him as a former player to criticize current players and which of his GMFB cohosts is the crankiest in the morning.

The 13-year NFL veteran also talks about Bill Belichick's rules for Patriots players regarding the media, Tom Brady going viral for his expletive-filled answer about his future, the difference between people on the East Coast and Midwest, the NFL playoffs and much more.

Following McCourty, Sal Licata from WFAN radio and SNY TV in New York joins me for our weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. This week, we discuss Scott Rolen getting into the Hall of Fame, Shannon Sharpe getting into a ruckus at an NBA game, the NFL conference championship games, the Rocky movies, movie soundtracks and more.

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You can also watch the SI Media Podcast on YouTube.

3. Rob Gronkowski is the best. The absolute best.

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4. Earlier this week, the Canucks fired coach Bruce Boudreau and hired TNT studio host Rick Tocchet. Paul “Biz Nasty” Bissonnette said goodbye to his TNT colleague on Wednesday night with a song as Henrik Lundquist played guitar. Who knew Biz had pipes?

5. “Who said it: The Dali Lama or Aaron Rodgers?” should be a weekly game played on one of the NFL pregame shows. Great stuff from ESPN Radio’s Chris Carlin and Chris Canty.

6. Just keep an eye on Anthony Davis, standing directly behind LeBron.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: We continue our week of featuring memorable Royal Rumble moments with a look at the 1998 Rumble, when Mick Foley entered three times as three different characters.

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