One of the first things a baseball fan thinks about when they get to their seat at the ballpark is whether they’re going to be in position to potentially catch a foul ball. Going home with a free souvenir—one that usually requires some athletic prowess to procure—is a rush. If you’re hoping to leave with a foul ball, there’s no better place to  be sitting than down either outfield line, but you still have to make the play. 

One fan at Tuesday night’s Twins-A’s game had a golden opportunity to snag a ball. And he totally blew it. The look on his face said it all. 

That’s a tough break. The guy was in prime position to make the play. It was hit right to him. There was nobody else sitting near him to jostle with. It even hit him right in the chest, and he still couldn’t haul it in. 

That’s one that’ll keep him up at night. He endured an A’s game and left empty-handed.