(DENVER)  — Jenny Cavnar, Colorado Rockies host and commentator, has been surrounded by baseball her whole life. Her love of the game stems from her dad – a former Colorado baseball player and Hall of Fame high school coach.

“I think for me it’s always been a part of my life and really being born into it, it takes a while to look back and think of all the moments and all the memories that are associated with my dad. That really, I think is why I love the game of baseball, it stitched our family together and we were at the field all the time”, said Cavnar.

Cavnar has been in the baseball industry since 2007 and is entering her 12th season with the Rockies. On March 11, she got to be a part of a major milestone during the Mariners vs. Rockies first ever all-female AT&T Sportsnet broadcast.

“Having the first all-female broadcast for a regional sports network, those are great, but it just means that we’re chipping away so it’s not the last, so that girls and women behind us are watching and hopefully dreaming new dreams”, said Cavnar. “Like they don’t have to just be a football sideline reporter. There’s an opportunity out there not even in front of the camera, but we have a female producer, we have a female director. There’s so many roles in sports media and I hope that’s the door we’re kicking down.”

And when asked to leave any words of advice, she shared, “Be true to yourself and follow your path no matter how many doubters are out there.”