ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — Denver Broncos wide receiver was arrested May 12 in Arapahoe County after the mother of his 1-month-old child called 911 earlier that day.

At the time, Anthonette Tharp told dispatch that Jeudy was not allowing her access to some of her belongings, to include her wallet, the baby’s car seat, and formula.

Jeudy was charged with criminal tampering and a domestic violence enhancer (a misdemeanor).

Tharp appeared in court the day after Jeudy’s arrest and asked the judge to dismiss the charges, but since the case had already been filed, the judge said that wasn’t possible.

On May 31, 18th Judicial District Attorney General John Kellner filed a motion to dismiss all counts and quash all warrants against Jeudy.

According to Kellner, conversations held with Tharp following Jeudy’s arrest convinced them the case would not meet their “ethical standard of reasonable probability of success at trial and the legal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Kellner’s motion also said Tharp had indicated “she wants the case dismissed and will not cooperate in its prosecution,” and that she “has moved out of state and does not intend to return.”