COLORADO SPRINGS (KXRM) — The boisterous crowd chant among Philadelphia Eagles fans reached a championship level Sunday night in Colorado Springs.

The only letter they hoped to add at the end of the night to the ‘E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!’ chant — was a ‘W’ — something they hoped to see at the second-largest Eagles bar in the state of Colorado.

“There’s nothing else like being with Philly fans,” Eagles Fan Club Colorado Springs founder Karen Plaskie said. “The blue collar, the people that you know are scrimping and saving, and that’s who we are. We’re just the blue-collar people that love the team and our passion.”

Plaskie founded southern Colorado’s biggest fan club of the Philadelphia Eagles 14 years ago and now resides in South Carolina, but had to make a return for her team’s revisit to the big game.

“I said, ‘I’ve got to come back,” Plaskie said. “I’ve got to be with my family. My Eagles fan family. So, I’m just back for the weekend.”

About 150 Eagles fans showed up hoping to see their team win the Lombardi Trophy for the second time in six years.

“I was in the Army for nine years and I got stationed here way back in 1991, got out in 1996 and just decided to stay here,” said Eagles Fan Club Colorado Springs President Steve Fischler. “I spent the next 18 years trying to find somebody outside my house to watch Eagles games with.

“My family’s all Eagles fans, they’re all here, too, and it’s nice to be able to watch with a big group. It’s like a stadium feeling in here.”

Frankie’s Bar & Grill is located on the southeast corner of Powers Boulevard and Galley Road in Colorado Springs.