DENVER (KDVR) — If you’ve been in a Broncos home game in the past 15 years, you may have seen a father and son duo dressed in a bright orange pom-pom costume. The father behind the iconic costume was Broncos super fan Kerry Green, who passed away a few hours before kickoff on Sunday.

Green was a loving husband, father, grandfather and friend who passed down his love of the Broncos through generations. He was a second-generation ticketholder with tickets that ran in the family since 1965.

For 15 years, he and his son showed up to every Broncos home game dressed in an orange pom-pom costume. The duo became known as the Mile High Monsters and gained a Facebook following for their costumes.

The family set up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral expenses and medical bills. On the GoFundMe page, Green was described as the Broncos’ greatest fan.

  • Kerry Green gets ready in his "Mile High Monster" costume.
  • Kerry Green (l), his father George Green (c) and son Wesley Green (r).
  • Father and son Kerry and Wesley Green dressed as the "Mile High Monsters" heading into a Denver Broncos game in 2008.
  • Kerry Green who dressed as the "Mile High Monster" at Denver Broncos games in his home office in 2013.
  • Kerry Green (l) in his "Mile High Monster" costume with Denver Broncos fan Chuck DeVorss.
  • Wesley Green (l) and his father Kerry Green (r) dressed as the "Mile High Monsters" outside a Denver Broncos game in 2008.
  • Father and son Kerry and Wesley Green, the "Mile High Monsters" at Denver Broncos games, at Kerry's home in 2013.

“Kerry and his son Wes have been the Mile High Monsters for the past 15 years. Kerry was a lifelong season ticket holder and has never missed a home game since donning the pom-poms,” his loved ones wrote on the GoFundMe page.

The family plans to remember him at an upcoming tailgate for his Broncos family.

“A lot of people have also asked how they can help so we’ve set up a GoFundMe for anyone that wants to help our family. For everyone else, knowing him, he would just want you to take a shot of Fireball and let out a hearty ‘Go Broncos!'” read a Facebook post from Mile High Monsters on Oct. 9.