COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One of just three Special Olympics of Colorado athletes made gold at the World Winter Games.

Vince Egan is part of the Colorado Caribou Special Olympics Team, based in Colorado Springs.

There was a celebration Thursday night honoring Egan’s skiing success, as well as the entire team’s performance at state finals.

The celebration was held at Ski Maxx, an indoor ski facility near Garden of the Gods. Ski Maxx trained the team from fall 2015 until now.

Athletes said it’s a huge honor to be recognized for their skills this season.

They said those who are nervous to join the team shouldn’t be shy.

“Just do it. You only live once. Just give it a try,” said Austin Shepard, a motivational speaker and Special Olympics athlete.

Vince Egan, super slalom gold medalist at the World Games, said this honor is still unreal.

“Finding out that I get to go to World Games a year ago, it was an honor,” said Egan.

Ski Maxx owner Susie Cole trained Egan, and said it’s all about repetition.

“I have these cones that I put on the machine and he would go around it get real tired and we would just tell him to keep going,” said Cole.

Despite how tiring it may be, athletes said all that practice was well worth it.

“Just coming together to celebrate under one roof and congratulations,” said Shepard.