(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Throughout the school year, on every other Thursday, a Colorado College team takes time out of their day to volunteer at TESSA in Colorado Springs. TESSA is an organization that offers confidential support and services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

TESSA offers multiple programs for victims to give them their life back that was once taken away.

“We have enjoyed so much seeing all these student-athletes over the past semester,” said TESSA CEO, Anne Markley. “We’ve had the opportunity to meet with the boys soccer team, the girls tennis team, the boys hockey team, the girls basketball team, and have them all in here and contributing their time to something that’s so meaningful in our community. It’s just really exciting to see.”

Colorado College senior and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee officer, Olivia Dicks, is the leader of the pack who organizes which team will come in what week.

“I have had leadership roles in the past, but mainly just like for sports or in athletics in that way so kind of trying a new leadership role still within the athletic community was really fun and kind of a new experience,” said Dicks.

If you or someone you know is struggling with domestic violence or sexual assault you can go to www.tessacs.org for help.

Volunteering at TESSA gives student-athletes a chance to have a purpose greater than their sport and leave an impact on Colorado Springs, long after graduation day.