(BOULDER, Colo.) — When Deion Sanders landed the head football coaching job in Boulder in December 2022, the culture immediately changed. Going from a 1-11 record in 2022 to selling out the 2023 spring game and every single home game of the 2023-24 season, Coach Prime meant business.

Javier Lozano, a Castle Rock resident and Colorado alum, was one of the thousands of people immediately drawn to Deion Sanders and how he was going to turn the program around.

“I really believe in what Coach Prime is saying. I love his inspiration, how he’s motivating his team, how he’s just getting a community together to just all watch football at 2 a.m. at times, and it’s just inspiring to see that kind of stuff,” said Lozano, Chief Marketing Officer of Wrapmate, a company that specializes in vinyl vehicle wraps.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Lozano had known wrapping his truck was something he wanted to do, but the idea sparked as soon as Sanders touched down at his alma mater.

Javier Lozano’s truck

“I wanted to do something to really just make, you know, my truck kind of pop. I’ve been wanting to wrap my truck for a while and I think this is one of those opportunities where I’m like, ‘This is going to get some attention. It’s going to turn some heads’,” said Lozano.

Summit Graphics, one of the 2,000 national installers for Wrapmate, helps design all sorts of car, truck and van wraps. The two companies have worked together in the past, but Javier knew they could make his Coach Prime, Colorado football truck wrap design come to life.

Javier and his team at Wrapmate loved the idea behind the design and joined in to create 25 other designs for their cars.

“We’re going to have these cars driving around through Boulder and we’re also going to be doing a little fun contest out of this where people can actually win tickets to go see the final home game at C.U., which is going to be a fun way to just kind of give back to the community, but also have a little fun with it as well, too, because this is a great opportunity to just see what Coach Prime is doing,” said Lozano.

The last Colorado home game is on Saturday, Nov. 11 against Arizona.