The 2023 Best of the Best voting round is July 10 – July 30! Utilize these social media, email, and in-person marketing tips to promote your business.

Tip 1: Download our complimentary Best of the Best graphics

To help you get started, we’ve created social media graphics and a downloadable poster/flyer to promote your business during the voting round. Download the graphics here:

Tip 2: Follow these general Best of the Best branding guidelines

  1. Please mention “FOX21 SOCO CW’s Southern Colorado’s Best of the Best Awards” in your posts, emails, etc.
  2. Let your audience know which category (or categories) to vote for you, and that they can submit one vote per category.
  3. Provide a link to the ballot:

Tip 3: Leverage your social media audience

Social media is the best way to let your loyal following know to vote for you!

Use the graphics we’ve provided or create your own graphics to match your respective branding and promote on Facebook and Instagram. 

Pro tip: Put a link to the ballot in your Instagram bio and/or pin your Facebook post or Tweet for easy access!

Tip 4: Mention Best of the Best on your website, emails, or newsletters

Make the most of your website and emails.

Include a link to the ballot and/or utilize the provided graphics. You could even put a link to the ballot in your email signature, asking your correspondents to vote for your business. 

Tip 5: Reach your customers in person

Is your restaurant, shop, or brick-and-mortar establishment open to walk-in customers? Print and hang the provided flyer where your patrons can see it and scan it, or create your own signage with our QR code to encourage customers to vote for your business with ease.

Have a question about Best of the Best? Please review our BOTB FAQs, linked above. Good luck!