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Which toy boxes are best?

If you have kids, you have toys. If you have toys, you need a place to put them. While stashing them in drawers and closets and under the bed may be a temporary solution. Eventually, nearly every parent realizes a toy box is the best strategy.

While the ideal toy box depends on the number of toys in your home, there will always be more toys, so bigger is almost always better, as long as you have the room. The KidKraft Limited Edition Wooden Toy Box is an elegantly designed, large and durable option that doubles as a bench. 

What to know before you buy a toy box

Toy box vs. toy organizer

A parent has two options for purchasing a place to store toys: a toy box or a toy organizer.

Toy box: A toy box is simply a large open container that holds (and hides) toys. It doesn’t matter if it’s games or stuffed animals. A toy box is a catch-all option that works best for many families because of its versatility.

toy organizer

Toy organizer: A toy organizer, on the other hand, is a set of shelves that holds many bins. You can designate each bin for a specific type of toy. While this may help teach kids how to organize and make it easier for them to find what they are looking for, it doesn’t hide the toys from view, so it is best for use in a designated playroom.

There are different types of toy boxes

Not all toy boxes are the same come in four categories, including hinged lid, removable lid, no lid and collapsible.

  • Hinged lid: When you think of a toy box, you likely imagine a toy chest featuring a hinged lid. These durable options may often double as a bench, and they fit with almost any decor.
  • Removable lid: A toy box with a removable lid is often made of plastic so that the lid isn’t too heavy. While this model might bring more attention to itself and look less like furniture, it is more affordable and can offer parents a little more peace of mind.
  • No lid: A toy bin has no lid and offers immediate access to the toys inside. It can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making it possible to purchase one that is small enough to tuck away in a closet or hide beneath a bed, if desired.
  • Collapsible: Though this type of toy box is not the most durable option, it is affordable, lightweight and comes in a wide variety of sizes. The lids may be hinged or removable, but what makes a collapsible toy box unique is that you can fold it flat for storage when it is no longer needed.

What to look for in a quality toy box


Because toy collections are always growing, it is best to consider a larger toy box than what you currently need. The only caveat is making sure the toy box fits in the space that you have available.


A toy box is just a box for holding toys. However, the best kid’s toy box will feature fun or familiar design. This design may be colorful or have a unique theme your child loves, such as cartoon princesses. Alternatively, you can personalize some toy boxes by adding your child’s name to the design.


An extra is a feature that is not typical to all toy boxes. This could be anything from wheels to drawers. Many wooden toy boxes also double as a bench. 

How much you can expect to spend on a toy box

You can purchase small fabric storage cubes for as little as $10 or a sturdy all-wood toy box that doubles as furniture for $200 or more. However, if you want a more affordable mid-range model, you can find a range of options in the $30-$70 price bracket.

Toy box FAQ

What safety concerns should I be aware of with toy boxes?

A. There are many things to be aware of when your child is using a toy box. Sharp edges, splinters and heavy lids top the list of safety concerns. Additionally, a toy box with a lid must have stoppers or another design that creates a gap when the lid is in place so that fingers don’t get crushed. If the lid is hinged, a soft-close design is best. Also, the sides should feature holes for ventilation in case of accidental entrapment.

Is a wooden or a plastic toy box better?

A. Both a wooden and a plastic toy box have pros and cons. A wooden toy box is durable and repairable if damaged or refurbished if you change your decor, but it is heavy and costs more than a plastic model. Conversely, a plastic toy box is lightweight, affordable and easy to clean, but repair is usually not an option if it gets cracked or damaged.

What’s the best toy box to buy?

Top toy box

KidKraft Limited Edition Wooden Toy Box

KidKraft Limited Edition Wooden Toy Box

What you need to know: This is a top-quality, solid toy box that is durable enough to serve as a bench when the lid is closed.

What you’ll love: Manufactured using environmentally-friendly rubberwood, this toy box is 33 inches long by 17.25 inches wide by 28.75 inches high. It has an elegant lacquer finish and is available in white, black, natural, cherry and honey. The safety hinges help protect little fingers from getting pinched.

What you should consider: This is a well-built, classic toy box, so it costs more than plastic models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy box for the money

Great Useful Stuff Collapsible Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid

Great Useful Stuff Bigger, Sturdier Toy Chest

What you need to know: This is a large, lightweight toy box that is best for budget-minded individuals.

What you’ll love: The spacious design makes this polyester toy box suitable for holding a decent amount of toys. It has a built-in handle that makes it easy to move and the collapsible design means you can store this toy box when it is not in use. To clean, all you need to do is wipe the unit down.

What you should consider: This is a collapsible toy box, so it won’t support the weight placed on the top.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

What you need to know: If your child would love a themed toy box, this is the way to go. It’s affordable and is available in many designs that are sure to please.

What you’ll love: This brightly colored, scratch-resistant toy box is available in a wide variety of cartoon themes. The durable wooden construction features smooth, rounded edges, a slow-closing lid and safety hinges.

What you should consider: At just 23.5 inches long, this model is a bit smaller than other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s


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