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Which Jura espresso machine is best?

Investing in a Swiss-made Jura espresso machine lets coffee connoisseurs brew high-quality espresso with the industry’s most innovative technology from the comfort of their own kitchens.

These machines are easy for everyday consumers to use while still offering a wide variety of customizable settings.

For the best of Jura’s cutting-edge technology and its largest assortment of drink settings at a midrange price, the Jura WE8 Automatic is the best choice.

What to know before you buy a Jura espresso machine

Drink settings

When considering what Jura machine is best for your coffee habits, think about what types of drinks you enjoy and choose the best machine for the job. All Jura espresso machines can craft espresso, coffee and ristretto.

If you want more complex drinks like macchiatos or lattes, opt for one with more drink settings and a built-in milk frother.


For the most part, the more features included in the espresso machine, the larger it is. Finding the right Jura espresso machine is a balance between how much space is on your kitchen counter and what features you want.

Smaller models fit in kitchens with limited space but likely won’t include settings for milk frothing, which is a staple feature for some.

If you’re shopping for a shared space or office use, you may have the room to opt for a larger machine that can store enough resources to brew fresh espresso for many different users.

Grinder type

The type of grinder you use with your espresso beans dictates how fine and consistent your grounds are, which creates a well-extracted espresso. Jura machines include one of the following types of grinders:

  • Multilevel conical grinders
  • Conical burr grinders
  • Dual ceramic disc grinders

You can cut down on noise and grind time by finding a Jura model that uses their signature Aroma integrated grinder.


Jura espresso machines help you handle the hassle of cleanup with automatic cleaning settings. You can select the self-cleaning features from the menu and the machine takes care of rinsing, cleaning and descaling for you.

What to look for in a quality Jura espresso machine

Touchscreen controls

While all Jura machines allow you to customize your coffee settings to an extent, lower-end models only have push buttons and knobs. Midrange and higher-end machines offer crystal clear touchscreen controls for a better user experience. With a touchscreen, you can easily see every selection you make.

Coffee strength settings

Part of the allure of an espresso machine is being able to select your coffee strength preferences. With a Jura machine, you can choose up to five strength levels: extra-mild, mild, normal, strong and extra-strong.

Pulse extraction process

Jura’s patented extraction method cuts the brew time in half by pre-infusing the grounds in hot water. Machines featuring the pulse extraction process create the same quality espresso when you’re on a tight schedule.

Powder chute

Though all Jura machines feature an internal grinder, you may not want to wait around for beans to grind before brewing every cup. A powder chute allows you to add espresso grounds to the chamber instead, offering yet another way to customize your espresso experience.

Milk frother

If you’re a coffee aficionado who enjoys frothed milk in your drinks, a built-in milk frother is a welcome feature. Jura machines with a milk frother aerate the milk to add a rich and creamy layer to espresso drinks like mochas, cappuccinos and lattes.

Timer settings

Some Jura espresso machines offer the option to set delayed brewing schedules so you can plan your coffee breaks ahead of time. Depending on the model, you may even be able to set a schedule based on days of the week.

How much you can expect to spend on a Jura espresso machine

Jura espresso machines range in price from $750-$9,000, with their most common mid-range models costing $1,000-$3,199.

Jura espresso machine FAQ

How do you clean a Jura machine?

A. You can find a branded line of Jura cleaning products designed specifically for their espresso machines. The machine will alert you when it’s time for a clean. During the cleaning cycle, follow the instructions, which may prompt you to add certain cleaning products to the machine. These detergents work more effectively on the intricate parts than typical liquid dish detergents.

Do Jura espresso machines come with a warranty?

A. The Jura warranty applies for up to two years or 6,000 brewings, whichever comes first. Materials and workmanship defects are covered, but it doesn’t include damage caused by accidents or misuse.

What’s the best Jura espresso machine to buy?

Top Jura espresso machine

Jura WE8 Automatic

Jura WE8 Automatic

What you need to know: This one-touch machine crafts perfect barista-quality espresso drinks.

What you’ll love: The large 101-ounce water tank and 17.6-ounce bean container offer plenty of storage so you can brew often without having to replenish your stock. The conical burr grinder is fast and precise, creating even, fine grounds. A wide variety of settings offer a fully customizable espresso experience.

What you should consider: With all its capabilities, this high-tech kitchen gadget comes with a learning curve.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Jura espresso machine for the money

Jura D6 Automatic

Jura D6 Automatic

What you need to know: This slimmer Jura machine creates high-quality espresso and cappuccino for a fraction of the price of their other models.

What you’ll love: It brews a barista-quality cappuccino with the perfect milk foam in 60 seconds. Conical burr grinders create the most precise grounds possible. Personalized settings offer even more convenience. The Smart Connect App and slick design offer a high-tech look and feel.

What you should consider: Some functional quirks may be bothersome.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Jura E8 Automatic

Jura E8 Automatic

What you need to know: This Jura model excels at creating near-perfect specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos with just one touch.

What you’ll love: The automatic components craft ready-to-drink cafe favorites, brewed according to customizable settings. The conical burr grinder prepares the beans before using Jura’s Intelligent Water System and Pulse Extraction Process to brew the perfect cup. The Fine Foam Frother uses innovative technology to create the finest textured milk foam.

What you should consider: With smaller reservoirs, the water and bean containers may need more frequent refills.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Sur La Table


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