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Which headphone case is best?

Listening to music or podcasts on the move is a great way to occupy your mind, but when you are done, you need to make sure your headphones are kept safe. Whether you store them in a bag or in a drawer, unintended damage can reduce their quality.

To get the most out of your headphones and to ensure they last a long time, a good headphones case can do the trick. For a robust case that looks good, the Homvare Hard Shell Case is a great option.

What to know before you buy a headphone case

Size of headphones

The primary job of a headphones case is to keep your audio equipment safe. That means it should fit perfectly in the case so it doesn’t move around. Consider the size of your headphones and whether they can fold up or not. You may need a smaller case if your headphones fold.

Hard shell vs. soft cover

A hard shell provides better protection from external forces like being dropped or crushed. A soft-cover case won’t withstand harsh damage but often is smaller and more portable.

Additional storage

Whether you have a wireless headphones set or one that works with a cable, you’ll probably need an extra storage area. Wireless headphones need a recharge cable, while wired headphones can come with adapters and splitters. Consider which cables you have and look for a headphones case that has an additional mesh storage compartment.

What to look for in a quality headphone case

Carry handle

Providing protection is one thing but a good headphones case will have a carry handle. This will come in handy when you need to hook the case on something or store it out of the way where it is easily accessible. The carry handle also allows you to clip the case onto a bag with a carabiner.


Headphone cases are great at protecting your audio devices from dust and dirt, but sometimes. there can be additional threats. A good headphones case will provide protection from water damage as well, not just light splashes or drips.

Closing mechanism

Besides the protection a headphones case provides, one of the most important things in the design is the closing mechanism. A good quality headphones case has a sturdy zipper that goes all the way around. Waterproof cases might have durable clips or clasps.

How much you can expect to spend on a headphone case

Headphone cases are inexpensive to manufacture, with no complex parts. For that reason, they are affordable. Depending on the brand and the added functions, the average price of a headphones case is between $10-$30.

Headphone cases FAQ

Are all hard-shell cases waterproof?

A. No. The waterproof factor depends on the construction material used. Some hard-shell cases use layers of cardboard while others use specific water-resistant materials.

Can you clean a headphones case?

A. It is natural that through everyday use, the case will become dirty. You may want to clean it, but that depends on the material of the case. Soft-shell cases sometimes are machine washable or you can rinse them by hand. Hard-shell cases are a bit trickier, as you’ll need to make sure the inner layers are waterproof or can become wet without damage.

What are the best headphone cases to buy?

Top headphone case

Homvare Hard Shell Case

Homvare Hard Shell Case

What you need to know: Sturdy and effective, this case can withstand most forces.

What you’ll love: With a double zipper that goes all the way around, this hard-shell case is a great option for when things get rough. The extra inner layers provide more protection against the elements than other cases, and the leather on the inside is durable. Depending on the size of your headphones, they will fit snuggly. The case is available in eight different colors and it comes with a small carabiner.

What you should consider: While it has a carabiner, it doesn’t have a carry handle, which could make it difficult to transport.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top headphone case for the money

Ginsco Headphone Carrying Case

Ginsco Headphone Carrying Case

What you need to know: This affordable option looks good and protects well.

What you’ll love: The soft carry case has a big enough interior to fit most popular headphones brands. It has an elastic strap over the internal compartment to keep the headphones from shifting. On the inside of the lid is a mesh pocket for additional cable storage. The carry handle is made from a soft material that can easily be carried around your wrist. The sturdy zipper goes almost all the way around.

What you should consider: It might not be suited for expensive headphones because the soft lid doesn’t provide protection from drops or hard pressure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LTGEM Hard Headphone Case

LTGEM Hard Headphone Case

What you need to know: This stylish and robust case will protect most headphone brands.

What you’ll love: This hard-shell headphones case has a robust carry handle with a plastic grip for better handling. The double zipper closing mechanism makes sure the case remains closed. The inside compartment is lined with a soft velvet-like material, which won’t damage the headphones. It has more than enough space to store most headphone brands.

What you should consider: Some users mentioned that while the inner storage’s length is large enough, the depth might not be for larger earcups. There is no mesh compartment for additional cables or devices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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