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Which deejo knives are best?

Having a bulky pocket knife may not be suitable for when you’re outdoors or even in a professional setting where you want to carry a pocket knife with you. However, bulky pocket knives tend to be more sturdy and less prone to breakage or becoming dull. Deejo knives have the strength and sharpness of bigger knives, except it’s more lightweight and very slim, making it nearly unnoticeable in your pocket. If you’re looking for a Deejo knife with authentic wood and laser engraving, the Deejo 37G is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a Deejo knife


The Deejo pocket knives come in sizes of 27 or 37 grams, which are the weights of the knives. The 27g knives will be lighter, while the 37g models will be more stronger for thicker cuts. Choosing a size will depend on your preference, but both knives are durable and will be long lasting regardless of which size is chosen. 


There are Deejo knives that have specific patterns and finishes that allow you to choose a design to your liking. Deejo even allows you to customize certain knives with engravings and pattern designs. The custom options allow you to add certain names, phrases, and whatever  combination of words and numbers you can think of that the customization tool allows. Keep in mind that the more designs and high-end finishes you choose, the more expensive the knife will be. Making a custom Deejo knife allows you to choose the size of 15g for a knife, a size that Deejo currently doesn’t offer as a non-custom product.

Materials used

Deejo knives commonly use a solid wood as a material for the handle, keeping the grip firm when in use. However, if you want more of a high-end feel, there are knives that use materials such as gold and carbon fiber in the handle. The high-end materials not only have a great look, but can be more durable throughout the years you keep these knives. The knives that use non-wood materials in the handle will cost more. 

What to look for in a quality Deejo knife

This section should detail the primary features available in different models of this product, both fundamental features and optional features (upgrades). On average, expect to have 3-6 features. If there are a few key players that are synonymous with the product type (e.g. with smartphones, there is Apple and Android) — cover their key points of differentiation.

Lightweight design

Deejo knives are some of the most lightweight knives on the market. They won’t be too heavy when in your bag, pocket, or when holding it in your hand. With its slim design and weights mentioned previously, you’ll never have a problem with the knife being too heavy. And even though they are slim the blades are resistant to breakage, while still providing a sharp cut on the appropriate objects. 


Another great factor involving Deejo knives is that they’re foldable, keeping it discreet as possible when in your pockets. However, when it unfolds it has great length to it, and it’s base is strong enough that the blade will stay in place and steadily when making cuts. And when you are ready to use the knife, the knife unfolds easily with applied force. The folding mechanism built into these knives keep the knives closed shut securely when put away, but simply use your thumb to glide the knife right open. 

Laser engraving

If you want to make your Deejo knife extra elegant, there are laser engraving options, so that you can add your own kind of design. There are knives that come with their own standard engraving design but you can also customize the engraving on Deejo’s website, which can make it an ideal gift for someone as a birthday present. The engravings are done by a precise laser, that won’t leave residue on the knife when you receive it, and the engravings come out neat and not unreadable. 

How much you can expect to spend on Deejo knives

Deejo knives can range from approximately $70-$270, where you’ll find 27g knives from around $70-$100. The 37g knives will cost $85-$105, while Deejo steak knives will cost $235-$270. 

Deejo knife FAQ

Do Deejo knives have a clip?

A. Deejo pocket knives have a small belt clip on the back of the handle that’s barely noticeable but will be strong enough to keep the knife secure on your waist. 

How does a Deejo knife open?

A. You can open a Deejo pocket knife by pressing down on the top part of the knife then pushing your thumb outward and the knife will open with that motion. Be careful when opening and keep your thumb away from the edge of the blade. 

What are the best deejo knives to buy?

Top Deejo knife

Deejo 37G

Deejo 37G Olivier Terra Incognita

What you need to know: Deejo’s currently biggest size available, these knives are perfect for handling small and large slicing tasks. 

What you’ll love: Some models are fully customizable allowing you to have a knife that matches your style. Comes with a belt clip that keeps it secure around your waist. 

What you should consider: This knife barely has any flaws. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Deejo knife for the money

Deejo 37g Genévrier Art Deco Pattern 

Deejo 37g Genévrier Art Deco Pattern 

What you need to know: This knife has a durable build but unnoticeable in your pocket. 

What you’ll love: Eye-catching art deco-inspired pattern and super durable stainless steel material. 

What you should consider: The lightweight feel could feel unnatural at first. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Deejo Steak Knives

Deejo Steak Knives

What you need to know: For when you’re cutting steaks or other pieces of meat, the Deejo steak knives are convenient and useful to have in the kitchen. 

What you’ll love: Comes in a pack of six knives, giving you enough knives to use around the house. The build of the knife is resistant to humidity and moisture. 

What you should consider: They are not foldable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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