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Which 36-inch electric ranges are best?

If you often lack cooking space, whether in the oven or on the stovetop, it may be time to install a larger range in your home. The standard electric range is just 30 inches wide, which simply isn’t enough for those who cook often or for a lot of people.

36-inch electric ranges provide you with more room, so you can actually use all five of those burners on your stovetop without feeling like it is overcrowded. They also have larger oven capacities, such as the Bertazzoni Master Series Freestanding Electric Range, which offers nearly 6 cubic feet of space.

What to know before you buy a 36-inch electric range

Electric range cooktops

Electric ranges will either have a glass cooktop or one with metal coils. All glass cooktops are actually made from a blend of glass and ceramic, and they are notably better than coils for several reasons. Glass cooktops are completely flat, which means they are less likely to warp the bottom of your pots and pans. This also makes them easier to clean because they don’t have any nooks and crannies to worry about.

Glass cooktops are also more versatile. They may have expandable or bridge burners that you can adjust to the size of your cookware. Glass cooktops can also be induction, which means they pass heat directly to the cookware rather than producing radiant heat.  

Electric coils are generally only found in budget models, as they are less efficient, less durable and more difficult to clean and use.

Electric range installation

36-inch electric ranges come in freestanding and slide-in models, each of which is intended for different installations. Freestanding ranges have finished panels on both sides. This allows you to place them practically anywhere inside your kitchen. The side panels are not finished on slide-in ranges because they are designed to be placed between cabinets and sit flush with a countertop. 

Electric range power cord

Large appliances like ranges and dryers often do not come with a power cord, unlike many other electronic devices. This means you should be prepared to buy one separately before installation. That said, there are some exceptions to this, so make sure to check the product description of any model you are considering.

Features to look for in a quality 36-inch electric range

Convection cooking

Convection ovens feature fans in addition to standard heating elements. This circulates the hot air to cook foods up to 30 percent faster than non-convection models. When baking and roasting, you’ll have the option of choosing between convection or standard cooking.

Double oven electric range

Double ovens are more versatile than standard single-oven ranges because you’ll have two cooking chambers with individual temperature controls. This comes in handy when you need to prepare multiple foods at one time that require notably different cooking temperatures. 

An electric range with a bridge element

A bridge element combines two smaller heating elements into a single, large burner. This allows you to use long grill pans and other oversized cooking vessels without having to worry about them heating up unevenly. 

Self-cleaning electric ranges

Splattering grease and dripping sauce or batter can quickly dirty an oven. A self-cleaning mode makes it easy to keep your oven spic and span. When turned on, your oven will heat up to an excess of 800 degrees, leaving behind a bit of ash that you simply wipe away with a damp sponge rather than baked-on food and grease.

Oven child lock

If you have kids in the home, choosing an electric range with a child lock feature is a smart idea. This will lock the control panel so they can’t accidentally turn on the oven or cooktop.

Electric range bottom drawer

Many electric ranges have a drawer beneath the oven. Depending on the model, this will either be intended for storage or warming. Even if you have an oven with a drawer designed for storage, it is best not to put anything inside it that can be damaged by heat.

How much you can expect to spend on a 36-inch electric range

36-inch electric ranges are larger and less common than standard 30-inch models, which results in them being more expensive. On the low end, you can expect to spend around $3,000. Premium 36-inch electric ranges may cost upwards of $8,000.

36-inch electric range FAQ

Do I need to install a hood over my electric range?

A. While some jurisdictions may have building codes that allow you to install a range without a hood, it is generally not recommended. It is important to install a ventilation system over your range to draw out heat and steam. There are down vent systems available, but these are considerably less effective than hoods.

Can I connect an electric range to a standard wall outlet?

A. No. Electric ranges cannot be connected to a standard 120-volt wall outlet. They require more power than a standard outlet provides and must be connected to a 240-volt outlet.

What’s the best 36-inch electric range to buy?

Top 36-inch electric range

Bertazzoni Master Series 36-Inch 5.9-Cubic Feet Freestanding Electric Range

Bertazzoni Master Series 36-Inch 5.9-Cubic Feet Freestanding Electric Range

What you need to know: With quality Italian craftsmanship, this range offers a reliable cooking experience and has one of the largest oven capacities in its class.  

What you’ll love: Dual convection fans provide even heating and quick cooking no matter where in the oven you place your pans. It also features a versatile induction cooktop with a bridge element for those times you want to work with long grill pans.

What you should consider: It takes a long time to preheat.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top 36-inch electric range for the money

Verona 36-Inch Electric Double Oven Range

Verona 36-Inch Electric Double Oven Range

What you need to know: This double-oven range offers a lot of bang for your buck with a stylish build and true European convection cooking, but for almost half the price of many other models.

What you’ll love: It effectively combines form and function, making it a great addition to any kitchen. It is highly corrosion-resistant, with stainless steel panels and chromed control knobs, and it has a dual element in the center for large stock pots.

What you should consider: It doesn’t come with a power cord and has a smaller oven capacity than you would expect.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ILVE Majestic II Series 36-Inch 3.5-Cubic Feet Freestanding Electric Range

ILVE Majestic II Series 36-Inch 3.5-Cubic Feet Freestanding Electric Range

What you need to know: If money is no object and you want an elegant, statement-making piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen, this range should be your go-to choice.

What you’ll love: It has a unique style with an eye-catching black and bronze color scheme. The oven heats up quickly too and maintains a consistent temperature the whole time. 

What you should consider: The high price tag makes it a non-starter for many consumers.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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