FOX21 News asked for your nominations, and you answered. Throughout the month of March, FOX21 is featuring the four winners of our Remarkable Women Campaign.

This week, we’re introducing you to Dr. Barb Hughson. She’s an entrepreneur, therapist, leadership expert, and a mediator.

“I do family law mediation, working with kids and families. And I always tell people, really my goal is to save kids and then all along the way, I’ve done leadership work. So that’s really my passion. I love working with leaders of all levels,” said Dr. Hughson.

Dr. Hughson was also one of the first online instructors at San Juan College in New Mexico, where she has worked with students for the past 22 years.

Dr. Hughson said, “I love that campus a lot and that school because it’s such a variety of students. There’s a lot of strong native American population in the Southwest, so I’ve had students that literally don’t have electricity in their homes, and yet they do online classes.”

These are just a few of the many reasons why Dr. Barb is named a Remarkable Woman of Southern Colorado.

“I think really recognizing what other people and other women are doing out there is really important, and that’s who I am. I like to really recognize others. And it’s interesting how sometimes it comes back at you when you when you give to other people,” said Dr. Hughson.