COLORADO SPRINGS — FOX21 News is celebrating remarkable women in Southern Colorado who inspire, lead, and make a difference in our lives.

This month, we are telling you the stories of four women who were selected as finalists for FOX21’s Remarkable Women Contest. And, finally, we are introducing you to our first-place winner – Tiffani Phillips.

She is an Air Force veteran, and mother of six.

Brigadier General Melissa Coburn, who nominated Phillips said, “I noticed right away that she’s exceptional. When I read about your program, I thought she was the perfect candidate.”

“It’s honestly a little embarrassing. Personal recognition isn’t something I strive for,” Phillips said.

Phillips deployed to Iraq before eventually settling in Colorado Springs. She now works at Norad US Northcomm.

Coburn said, “She is very very diligent in everything she does.”

Most recently, Phillips deployed domestically to help 80,000 Afghan evacuees, playing a key role in providing them temporary housing.

“When I gave her notification of that, she already had the concept of operations done. She said, ‘Mam, I have a plan. Here it is’,” Coburn said.

Phillips served as a liaison, specifically to take care of women, mothers, and children that came into those camps.

Phillips said, “They had to leave their country, leave their family and friends, everything that they’ve known and pick up and come to a great country but still not something that was in their plans.”

From country to community, off-duty she spends her time volunteering and leading several local organizations, which she hopes to shed light on as the Remarkable Women winner for Southern Colorado.

“It’s important to me because maybe this helps me reach more people and let them know that there are resources and people out there that want to help them connect and I can be that conduit for them,” Phillips said.

An Air Force core value is ‘service before self’, but for Phillips, service is self.  

Phillips said, “Service is a part of me. If I didn’t serve others and the community and my country, in some way, I think I would be missing a piece of me .”

“I absolutely would consider her a remarkable woman,” Coburn said.