COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FOX21 News is celebrating remarkable women in Southern Colorado who inspire, lead, and make a difference in our lives.

This month, we are telling you the stories of four women who were selected as finalists for our Remarkable Women Contest. First, we are introducing you to our third runner-up, Suni Motley.

She’s a mother of eleven.

“I’m a nosy old mom. That’s what I am.”

She has four biological children, and seven adopted children.

“Just knowing I’ve got a home base. I’ve got somebody behind me. Because if we don’t change it, who is going to?” Motley said.

But what makes Motley even more remarkable is she has also been a foster mom to close to 300 children in the past 26 years.

“I couldn’t see an 18-year-old being on the street and having to deal with no place to go, no place to eat, and that kind of thing,” Motley said.

With open arms, she welcomes in young adults ages 18 to 21, who would otherwise likely be homeless.

“A lot of kids come to me and they don’t have hope anymore. If you give them the opportunity to experience hope and know goals are achievable, they will do it,” Motley said.

In Colorado, teens can emancipate from the foster care system at 18, or choose to continue as wards of the state until 21.

Motley said, “When these kids are grown and feel good about themselves, you get a check you can’t cash. They look at you and they say, ‘I’m doing it. You know, I can do it. I got this, mom’. That’s very important.”

At the age of 81, she is currently fostering two kids, providing them a safe place and the stability they’ve always wanted.

“Knowing somebody loves you, Knowing somebody cares about where you’re at, what’s going on in your life,” Motley said.

She does it all for her kids, including battling and beating lung cancer.
Motley said, “If I weren’t there for one of my kids, I couldn’t live with that. So I need to be here and cancer can’t stop me.”

And Motley shows no signs of slowing down.

“I’m going to ride this tricycle until the wheels fall off,” Motley said.