Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister

Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister

Every day during FOX21 Morning News, the FOX21 Storm Team shows you how accurate our Colorado Springs forecast was from the day before. If we get the forecast correct within 3 degrees (plus or minus), our friends at WireNut Home Services will donate $30 to a charity, and FOX21 will match that donation. To date, we’ve committed nearly $50,000 to improve our community. At FOX21, We Are Southern Colorado!

Nominate a nonprofit for the 3-Degree Guarantee

If you have a charity you would like us to consider, we only ask that the charity be in good standing and be designated a 501(c)3 non-profit by the IRS.

3-Degree Guarantee Totals

Month/YearCharity NameMonthly Total
January 2020Veterans Expeditions$1,200
February 2020Healing Hearts Int’l Ministries$1,320
March 2020Friends of Cheyenne Cañon$1,320
April 2020Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center$1,780
May 2020Restore Innocence$1,780
June 2020Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center$1,680
July 2020Angels of America’s Fallen$1,440
August 2020Knights of Heroes Foundation$1,740
Sept. 2020The Salvation Army$1,740
October 2020Rocky Mountain Kids$1,580
November 2020Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention$1,560
December 2020Operation TBI Freedom$1,400
January 2021Knights of Heroes$1,620
February 2021Autism Vision of Colorado$1,460
March 2021BridgeHope$1,500
April 2021Mattersville$1,560
May 2021HBA Cares$1,620
June 2021Newborn Hope$1,680
July 2021Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club Southern Colorado$1,500
August 2021Forge Evolution$1740
Sept. 2021VFW Post 6461$1740
October 2021Fishing has no Boundaries$1860
November 2021Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado$1800
December 2021Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs$1320
January 2022Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome$1500
February 2022 Bikers Against Child Abuse BACA$1500
March 2022Tessa$1320
April 2022Special Forces Foundation$1320
May 2022The Bob Telmosse Foundation$1620
June 2022Homeward Pikes Peak$1500
July 2022Safe Passage$1800
August 2022Rocky Mountain Pig Jig$1800
September 2022Community Partnership Family Resource Center$1740
October 2022RMHC Southern Colorado$1800
November 2022Eastlake High School$1440
December 2022Tri-Lakes Cares$1560
January 2023The Phoenix Colorado Springs$1440
February 2023PAWsitive Recovery$1380
March 2023Eastern Plains Community Pantry$1620
April 2023Mt. Carmel Quilters$1,560
May 2023Painted Paws for Veterans$1,620
June 2023Riley Whitelaw Memorial Fund$1,740
July 2023ConnorsK9-PAWS$1,800
August 20234 Colorado Kids$1,800

Each month, FOX21 News and WireNut Home Services will update the table above with charity totals from the 3-Degree Guarantee. FOX21 is grateful to WireNut Home Services for making this initiative possible.