DENVER (KDVR) — Gov. Jared Polis has extended the COVID-19 disaster recovery order for another month.

The order was set to expire at midnight on Thursday.

The extension means the order will now expire in 30 days, on Oct. 15. That keeps Colorado among a small number of states with some type of active COVID-19 emergency order in place.

So what’s the purpose of keeping the order active, even as other states shed theirs?

“The Recovery Order is in place primarily to suspend the Medicaid eligibility statutes, which is needed for Colorado to continue to access additional federal Medicaid funding for eligibility, which provides healthcare to 200,000 Coloradans,” a spokesperson for the governor’s office previously told FOX31’s Alex Rose.

Colorado is one of just a handful of states with coronavirus-related orders in effect. That number may dwindle as other states are scheduled to let theirs expire soon.